Unit 3.2 Design Of The Solution

This section is worth fifteen marks. The following description is taken directly from the specification which can be located here:

Remember to apply the programming techniques and computational thinking from paper 2 into your coursework

Page 14 | A-Level Computer Science OCR Specification

Unit 3.2.1 Decompose The Problem:

  • (a) Break down the problem into smaller parts suitable
    for computational solutions justifying any decisions

Unit 3.2.2 Describe The Solution:

  • (a) Explain and justify the structure of the solution.
    (b) Describe the parts of the solution using algorithms
    justifying how these algorithms form a complete
    solution to the problem.
    (c) Describe usability features to be included in the
    (d) Identify key variables / data structures / classes
    justifying choices and any necessary validation.

Unit 3.2.3 Describe The Approach to Testing:

  • (a) Identify the test data to be used during the iterative
    development and post development phases and
    justify the choice of this test data.

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