Unit 3.1 Analysis Of The Problem

This section is worth only ten marks. The following description is taken directly from the specification which can be located here:

Remember to apply the programming techniques and computational thinking from paper 2 into your coursework

Page 13 | A-Level Computer Science OCR Specification

Unit 3.1.1 – Problem Identification:

  • (a) Describe and justify the features that make the
    problem solvable by computational methods.
    (b) Explain why the problem is amenable to a
    computational approach.

Unit 3.1.2 Stake Holders:

  • (a) Identify and describe those who will have an
    interest in the solution explaining how the solution
    is appropriate to their needs (this may be named
    individuals, groups or persona that describes the
    target end user).

Unit 3.1.3 Research The Problem:

  • (a) Research the problem and solutions to similar
    problems to identify and justify suitable approaches
    to a solution.
    (b) Describe the essential features of a computational
    solution explaining these choices.
    (c) Explain the limitations of the proposed solution.

Unit 3.1.4 Specify The Proposed Solution:

  • (a) Specify and justify the solution requirements
    including hardware and software configuration (if
    (b) Identify and justify measurable success criteria for
    the proposed solution.

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