Need To Know Algorithms/Data Structures For Both GCSE & A-Level | OCR Computer Science

Here you will find a bunch of essential Algorithms that you must understand for your exams.

Each document highlights the basic theory aspect of each algorithm, an example of the code used within Python, the different variants of the algorithm and downloadable python/text files to see the code in action.

Note: You do not need to write in purely pseudocode in your exam. It is perfectly appropriate to answer questions using the program language you have learnt. I will be demonstrating the following algorithms in Python.

The Entire Collection:

The most helpful source code for all Sorting Algorithms in python:

All Sorting Algorithms

The All In One Word Document:

Version One: Need to know Algorithms

All Algorithms/Data Structures & Other Programming Constructs:

Pretty much everything for Unit 2.3

For Beginners! (The mostĀ basicĀ Python Introduction)

  • Variables
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Selections (Branching)
  • Iteration
  • In-Built Python Functions
  • Modular Programming (Functions/Procedures)
  • Object Oriented Programming:

Basic Tkinter:

Basic Tkinter in simple english to help newbies get started:

These two pages should help you understand the minimum knowledge needed for Tkinter. With this, you can build any basic GUI.


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