AQA Geography Paper Three Insert Figure One 2019

Download Here: aqa-geography-paper-three-insert-figure-one-2019

Paper Three Geography.

This paper includes questions about your fieldwork and a set of questions from the insert you received on the 21st March 2019.

This year AQA has given our insert on tropical rainforests. Not going to lie, I am incredibly happy that we got this topic as it is one of the easiest and knowledgeable in my opinion.

However, the questions that are going to be given to us in the exam will include a reference to either:




We get given another insert paper in the exam to aid us in this paper.

My teacher has predicted that one question will ask us on energy. That’s his guess, there is a possibility that it wont be on energy. It is your job to be prepared for those questions on tropical rainforest.

This following PowerPoint will include possible exam questions for figure one with answer. This should help anyone looking to revise for paper three geography. Hope this helps and good luck.

Next week I will release figure 2 and some part of the Easter holiday I will release figure 3.


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