AQA Geography GCSE – Resource Management – Paper Two – Section C

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19.1 The global distribution of resources:

A resource is a stock or supply of something that value or purpose.

The most important resources are food, water and energy.

Most HICs have plentiful resources, many of them imported.

Many poorer countries lack resources and struggle to improve quality of life.

  Why are resources significant? What are the global inequalities
Food A poorly balanced diet can cause illness and diseases

People need to be well fed to be productive

Obesity is an increasing problem

Over one billion people do not get enough calories

Undernutrition (Malnutrition) affects a further two billion.

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa suffer most from undernutrition

Water Essential for drinking

Vital for crops

Used to produce

Variations in climate and rainfall affect supply

Capture, storage and extraction is expensive

Many countries have water shortage

LICs/NEEs use most water for agriculture

HICs use most water in industry

Energy Need for light, heat and power.

Powers factories

Provides fuel for transport

Richer countries consume more energy than poorer countries.

The Middle East is a major oil supplier; its own consumption is low.

As NEEs become more industrialized, the demand for energy will increase


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